What is your shipping policy?

We currently do not ship our products (although that will change soon), but we offer free pickup within Jersey City, free delivery within downtown Jersey City, and options for delivery within New Jersey.

How do I arrange delivery?

If you would like your order delivered, please include the delivery address in the order description so we can quote you on a delivery fee.

How quickly can I get my order?

Because we create everything to order (meaning, whatever we create is made just for you), we prefer to get orders at least a week in advance. For large parties or special cake orders, we would appreciate at least two weeks notice. Orders placed less than a week out may be subject to a rush order fee.

Are your goodies gluten free?

We are able to offer some of our items as gluten-free, and we look to expand this part of our business quickly.

Any other questions?

Feel free to email us at orders@boringcakes.com and we will be sure to answer within 24-48 hours (but usually a lot sooner than that).